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MEDIA NOTICE:  Máiría Cahill and Human Rights Commission To Challenge Election Law

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Máiría Cahill and Human Rights Commission To Challenge Election Law

Interview and Photo Opportunity with Máiría Cahill and NIHRC Chief Commissioner Les Allamby on Monday 25 November 2019 at 10am outside Belfast High Court. Contact Claire Martin to arrange on 07717731873.

Máiría Cahill and the Human Rights Commission will attend Belfast High Court on Monday 25 November to challenge the law which requires an individual’s address to be published when they stand as a candidate in local council or European elections. Their case argues that the current law breaches the human rights of who are victims of domestic violence and abuse, or those with concerns for their safety. This case is not related to the current general election, however it has wide reaching implications for future electoral candidates and elections.

The legal challenge has been lodged against the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the Chief Electoral Officer. The Commission and Máiriá Cahill are challenging the Secretary of State as the Northern Ireland Office has responsibility for the relevant legislation. The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for enforcing the requirement to publish the addresses of election candidates. Monday’s High Court will determine if the case can proceed to a full hearing over the coming months.

21 Nov 2019

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