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Human Rights Commission Supports PRIDE 2020

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Human Rights Commission Supports PRIDE 2020

The Human Rights Commission welcomes the opportunity to support this year’s Belfast Pride Festival celebrations. The Commission is delighted to be participating in the online Pride 2020 Parade.

NIHRC Chief Commissioner Les Allamby commented:

“It is important that we pay tribute to all of those in the LGBTI community who have organised and worked to achieve rights in Northern Ireland in 2020. The fact that Pride is taking place this year is a testimony to the innovation, vibrancy and resilience of our local Rainbow Heroes. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the global Pride Festival and we have come so far in half a century to progress human rights and equality.

We must celebrate but not be complacent as we have a lot more to resolve in Northern Ireland including inclusive relationship sexual education in schools; gender recognition rights; Trans healthcare rights and the right to be free from bullying. Public bodies and departments have their part to play in addressing these issues and must work together to progress human rights protections for the LGBTI community.”

The Pride festival runs from Friday 24 July to Sunday 2 August this year, and includes Pride Day on Saturday 1 August.


Further information:

For further information please contact Claire Martin on: (028) 9024 3987 or by email on claire.martin@nihrc.org

Notes to Editors

1. The NI Human Rights Commission is a statutory public body established in 1999 to promote and protect human rights. In accordance with the Paris Principles the Commission reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of measures undertaken by the UK Government to promote and protect human rights, specifically within Northern Ireland.

2. Belfast Pride Festival runs from Friday 24 July to Sunday 2 August and the online guide is here.

3. The online Pride Day will run from 1.00pm and 5.00pm on Saturday 1 August and is available on the Belfast Pride social media channels.

4. Read the Human Rights Commission’s latest Annual Statement here.

30 Jul 2020

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