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The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has published its draft Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2022.

To help us set our priorities and deliver the best service for everyone in Northern Ireland we would like to hear from you!

We would be grateful if you would take the time to answer the following questions to help guide our next Strategic Plan:

You can read our draft Strategic Plan in full here.

You can view more information on our strategic planning consultation here.

The deadline for views is Friday 15 March 2019.

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Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission – Draft Strategic Plan 2019-22 Consultation

Strategic Priority 1: Building a culture of rights

    We will:
  • Promote human rights through developing educational materials including films and animations.
  • Work with government, public authorities, private sector and others on training and other initiatives to develop human rights based approaches to delivering services.
  • Continue to support and service the business and human rights forum.
  • Work with partners to promote human rights through sport.

Strategic Priority 2: Protecting human rights as a consequence of leaving the European Union

    We will:
  • Engage in minimising the human rights impact of leaving the European Union, whether through the role of a dedicated mechanism or otherwise.
  • Continuing to work with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission through the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement Joint Committee.
  • Continue working alongside the Equality Commission NI and others to ensure the strongest possible human rights protections in any final withdrawal agreement.
  • Deliver the role of monitoring, supervision, enforcement and development of rights under the final withdrawal agreement.

Strategic Priority 3: Poverty, health and well-being

    We will:
  • Continue to focus on economic and social rights recognising their importance to people's everyday lives in Northern Ireland, including the impact of working age poverty, housing need, homelessness and looked after children and the multiple disadvantages they face.
  • Monitoring and following the recommendations of the Travellers Accommodation inquiry.
  • Undertake research on tax justice and its relationship to realising international standards on economic and social rights.

Strategic Priority 4: Meeting domestic and international human rights standards and good governance

    We will:
  • Continue to play a pro-active role in giving evidence to the UN Treaty monitoring bodies' periodic review of the UK government obligations to human rights standards that it has signed up to.
  • Play a full part in both the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions and European Network of National Human Rights Institutions.
  • Seek to play a positive role in ensuring effective local accountability and oversight of human rights obligations.
  • Ensure a human rights compliant based approach is taken to deliver the institutions contained in the Stormont House Agreement, alongside maintaining our active interest in outstanding legacy and other issues.
  • Continue to respond to parliamentary committees in London and Belfast on the human rights issues arising from their work on legislation, policy and practice.

Strategic Priority 5: Protecting human rights in a digital age

    We will:
  • Undertake to explore a greater awareness and understanding of the ramifications of technological advances and what they mean for the rights of individuals, with areas potentially covering research on privacy and rights issues; and awareness raising initiatives around competing rights engaged between freedom of speech and cyber bullying, intolerance, hate speech and crime.

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