The Implications of Brexit for Human Rights

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The Chief Commissioner Les Allamby joins a panel discussion on the implications of Brexit for Human Rights under the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement today. The event will be opened by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan T.D.

Speaking in relation to the Good Friday Agreement Mr Allamby added:

“Human rights protection has been the cornerstone of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and subsequent agreements. The Commission recommends that the Northern Ireland Office work towards developing a consensus among the political parties on a Bill of Rights and meet its commitment to implement a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland”.

Whilst leaving the European Union will not have an impact on the European Convention on Human Rights, the impact of a UK exit from the European Union is uncertain and how such an exit would impact on the human rights is similarly uncertain.

Speaking in relation to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union Mr Allamby added:

“The Commission recommends that the UK government ensures there is no regression in the protection of human rights as a consequence of exiting the European Union. It calls upon the NI Executive and NI Assembly to build a political consensus and work to mitigate the risk of there being any detrimental affects on the current rights and benefits afforded to those residing in NI.”

For more information on the human rights implications of leaving the EU, see the Commission’s Factsheet.

A PDF version of the Factsheet is available on request.

13 Feb 2017